Summer School Course Outline - Jonas Grimås

The Thief Brief

You will arrive at LFS with your own story for a 2-minute, 2-character, single exterior location film entitled THE THIEF. In your movie the Thief might steal an apple from a shop, and elude the storekeeper. The Thief could steal an idea, or someone’s show, or someone’s thunder. The Thief could steal someone’s heart…The possibilities are endless.

Briefed by tutor Jonas Grimås, teamed with your fellow participants and supported by a full-time production manager, you will dive straight into the deep end of the pool. It is the beginning of a 2-week roller coaster ride, led by Jonas and a team of guest filmmakers who will present masterclasses in screenwriting, editing, cinematography and sound.

Your idea will be scrutinised, turned inside out and worked on, until it has realised its full potential. Your idea will be put under the microscope, in a first ‘test’ shoot, before being taken back to the editing room and analysed by a professional editor, to work out how it can be refined even further. And then…the real actors will step onto the set.

Your shoots will take place in the courtyards, alleyways, gardens and piazzas of Covent Garden.

During these two intensive weeks you will learn the fundamentals and get a clearer understanding of what it is that makes a good film: the idea and - above all - the teamwork.


Covent Garden pic

Day One

  • Introductions: Meet Jonas and your fellow Summer School participants.
  • Making a Film - An Introduction by Jonas: The Team, the Technology, the Creative Relationships.
  • How It All Works: The Diagram of Production.
  • Group Supper: Get to know each other over a meal at a local Covent Garden restaurant.

Day Two

  • Practical Approaches to Storytelling: How to tackle the short film format.
  • Writing Masterclass: Explore the narrative chain of cause and effect.
  • Editing Masterclass: Reveal how the storytelling process is continued from script to edit.
  • Choosing Locations: The essential guide.
  • Overnight Assignment: Write the first draft of your script.

Day Three

  • Working with Actors 1: A table-read of your scripts; participants learn to be actors, before learning how to direct actors.
  • Overnight Assignment: Write the second draft of your script.

Day Four

  • Cinematography Masterclass: Explore the roles of lighting, framing and camera movement in film storytelling.
  • The Recce: How to assess your location – can it deliver all the images, access and angles your film requires? 

Day Five

  • Shoot 1 - The Test: In three teams of four, each participant directs their script while the others work the camera and act. The roles are then rotated.

Day Six

  • Viewing the Cuts: Understanding what went right, what went wrong, and how to correct it.
  • Individual Writer Surgeries and Shooting Exercises: One-to-one sessions with the Summer School tutors.

Day Seven

  • Writing Day: Produce the final draft of your short film script. 

Day Eight 

  • Filmmaking Surgery / Screenwriting Day: One-to-one surgeries with Jonas. 


Editing image

Day Nine

  • Reviewing the scripts: A group discussion.
  • Working with Actors 2: A table read of all the final scripts, this time with the professional actors who will be starring in your films.
  • Group Polish: Jonas leads the actors in a group discussion to suggest 'polishing touches' to the scripts.
  • Overnight Assignment: Finish polishing your script.

Day Ten

  • Production Meetings: The shoots are prepared in detail; location recces.
  • Sound Masterclass: A Sound Recordist and Mixer shares their knowledge with the group.

Days Eleven & Twelve

  • Shoot 2 - The Real Thing! Take turns to direct your final scripts with professional camera operators, sound recordists and actors, assisted by your fellow participants.

Day Thirteen

  • Editing Day: Each director works with a professional editor to refine the final cut, colouring and soundtrack of their film.

Day Fourteen

  • Screening Day: Final screenings of all twelve films, including group discussion and notes from the consultant writer, cinematographer, editor, and Jonas.
  • Farewell Dinner.

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