Summer Programmes - The Yellow Handkerchief

Critical acclaim for THE YELLOW HANDKERCHIEF:

“Four terrific performances make the transition to a U.S. setting go smoothly for British director Udayan Prasad. There's a painful honesty in all the performances that gets across the hurt everyone endures in life and the helplessness one feels when the remedy is never clear, even when it's close at hand.”  The Hollywood Reporter

“A quartet of gifted actors who are captivating under Prasad's perceptive direction.”  Los Angeles Times

“Beautifully acted by a cast including William Hurt and a pre-stardom Kristen Stewart — as well as gorgeously photographed — THE YELLOW HANDKERCHIEF is a captivating film…brimming with humor and honest emotion...and the pitch-perfect direction of Udayan Prasad.”  The New York Post

“You don't need an original story for a movie. You need original characters and living dialogue. THE YELLOW HANDKERCHIEF, written by Erin Dignam, directed by Udayan Prasad, has those, and evocative performances.”  Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times

“No movie nominated for an Oscar this year boasts acting as fine as THE YELLOW HANDKERCHIEF.”  The New York Press