Directing Summer School - Why Choose LFS?

Choosing where to train is a big decision, especially at the start of your career. Here are five reasons why people pick LFS.

1. Global

LFS is a world-renowned institution, and studying here is guaranteed to be an international experience.

Our first Summer School took place in 2012. Since then,156 filmmakers have taken part representing 51 countries in total (view full-size map). Add to this list the tutors, cast and crew and the global mix is even broader. Many stay in touch once the Summer School has finished, with some even going on to create projects together.

2. Inclusive

More than 50% of summer school participants between 2012 and 2019 were female filmmakers. This statistic is well above the global industry average for film.

Adults of any age can attend a Summer School at LFS. Students on Udayan Prasad's Directing Summer School have ranged from early twenties to 64 years old (average, 30 years). Meanwhile, our First Film Summer School with Jonas Grimås is geared specifically towards those aged 18-22 years.

From those with no experience who are just starting out, to those who have found their way into the industry and decided to pursue it seriously - we will always endeavour to make your next step a reality.

Summer School participants with Udayan

3. Immersive

Your three weeks at LFS are very precious. We believe in making every moment, and every penny of your investment, count.

On any given day during the Summer School you will find all twelve participants engaged in some kind of activity. In total the group receives around 130 hours of tuition, plus overnight writing and prep assignments.

From script stage to post, you’ll each get to write, develop and direct two films of your own. You’ll also work on a further six shoots, supporting your fellow participants in roles including first AD, camera operator, clapper loader and gaffer. The learning never stops, and each new role is an opportunity to add to your knowledge and on-set experience.

Outside of the shoots, specialist masterclasses cover every element of filmmaking - from script development, directing actors and cinematography, to production design, music, sound design and editing. You will eat, sleep and breathe the Summer School for the entire 18 days. It’s our job to send you away exhausted – in the very best way possible!

4. Location

By choosing LFS, you're choosing to study in one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Pick any week of the year and there are probably more films showing for London’s 8.6 million inhabitants than in any other capital city. Our school is situated in the centre, in Covent Garden, within walking distance of West End cinemas and theatres, the Royal Opera House, the National Gallery, the British Museum, the British Film Institute Library, the BFI Southbank, the Tate Modern and, even closer, Wardour Street in Soho, nerve centre of the British Film Industry.

Our summer programmes are intense, and you'll need your days off for relaxation. With London on your doorstep you'll never be short of options.

Covent Garden Market

5. Proven

Since completing the course our summer school participants have gone on to achieve a whole range of things. From making a first feature, to quitting the day job to become a producer - some have leapt straight into the career of their dreams. Others have committed to full-time studies in film, stepped up to first AD roles, or been inspired to move countries and write, write, write...

Whatever your next step, we'd like to help get you there. To give you an idea of where the LFS Summer School could take you, we've profiled around a dozen of our previous participants to show you what they got up to next. Read about them here.

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