The London Film School’s Outreach Department is committed to sharing our resources and expertise to provide free filmmaking education to groups who wouldn’t ordinarily have access to this type of training.

The workshops explore the fundamentals of filmmaking and provide the opportunity for participants to shoot their own films. They are introduced to many different craft areas – directing, editing, cinematography, sound recording, etc; the skills learnt here provide an excellent starting point for further film education or a career in the industry.

Participants are introduced to film as a platform to express their thoughts and feelings, and are encouraged to explore stories and issues which are important to them. They will have the chance to develop and explore their creative personalities while developing important communication and social skills. The participants will always work in groups, learning how to communicate their ideas, collaborating efficiently and leadership skills.

The Filmmaking Academy

In Summer 2016 we collaborated with Into Film to introduce The Filmmaking Academy; a seven-day workshop which introduced over fifty 13-17 year-olds to the entire filmmaking process, from script to screen.

Four editions of the Academy were held during August. The first three programs at The London Film School, and the fourth was held at the Spotlight Youth Centre in East London.

A celebratory screening of all 10 films made during The Filmmaking Academy took place in the LFS cinema at the end of the summer, when participant’s family and friends were invited to watch their films on the big screen! 

The LFS outreach activity will continue to expand in 2017. In addition to the programmes we have already run, we will be leading after-school programmes in secondary schools.

We would like to hear from any organisations, volunteers or funders looking to form collaborative partnerships to develop further initiatives. For further information on our outreach activity and partnerships please contact workshops@lfs.org.uk