LFS LIVE: Audio Post-Production for Video

Audio Post-Production for Video

Date: Monday 22nd June & Friday 26 June 2020
Time: 11am-1pm
Format: Workshop (2 sessions)
Cost: £100 (All fees go directly to supporting our network of amazing tutors)

There is no understating the importance of good sound quality in a film. Anything less distracts your audiences and instantly lowers the quality of your film, no matter how much you invested in the quality of the picture. Good quality sound engages your audience for longer, enhances your video and enriches your narrative.

In these two practical workshopsyou will learn to work on the sound mix and what needs to happen for your films to sound great. From sound theory to dealing with badly recorded takes, you will learn the foundations of sound post production and improve your understanding of audio in general.

"By manipulating what you hear and how you hear it and what other things you don't hear, you can not only help tell the story, you can help the audience get into the mind of the character." – Walter Murch, Apocalypse Now editor.

"Sound is what truly convinces the mind is in a place, in other words hearing is believing." - Jesse Schell, The Art of Game Design

When you book, you will receive an invite to a Zoom session.

Between Workshop 1 and Workshop 2 you will be given an exercise for which you need to have a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) such as ProTools, Adobe Audition, Reaper, Nuendo or Logic. The workshop will use Adobe Audition but you may work on the DAW of your choice.

You can download a trial version of Adobe Audition here – please do so a few days before the workshop so that you have time to learn the basics in it. There is no time in the workshop to discuss individual issues with your software and computer.

If you don’t have a DAW on your laptop this is fine you will still be instructed and learn what needs to be done for when you do get working on one, you just will not be able to try out what we cover in real-time.

Good quality headphones are needed. 

Workshop Content

Workshop 1: 

  • The role of sound in film 
  • Basic sound theory 
  • Pre- planning, working with a script 
  • Workflow 
  • Importing into your DAW 
  • Sound edit basics

Workshop 2: 

  • Sound edit basics 
  • Compressors and Filters 
  • Automation 
  • Dialogue editing 
  • Atmos, sound effects and Foley 
  • Mix

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