LFS LIVE: Documentary Producing: From Idea to Completion

Documentary Producing: From Idea to Completion

Dates: Wed 8th July / Wed 15th July / Wed 22nd July
Time: 11am-1pm
Format: Workshop
Cost: £50/session (All fees go directly to supporting our network of amazing tutors)

In these three 2-hour online workshops, you will learn how to take a subject and turn it into a factual programme, write that idea up into a treatment, pitch it to commissioners, make a taster tape and then create a budget.  There will be examples provided of treatments, tasters, contracts and budgets. The three parts fit together but equally you are invited to sign-up for any of the sessions individually.

WORKSHOP 1: How to develop your documentary idea and write a treatment
Date & Time: Wednesday 8th July 2020 / 11am-1pm

Have you got an idea for a factual programme that you want to see made? Then this is the session for you! Join Tracey for a guide on how to develop a subject into a documentary and write a winning treatment.

WORKSHOP 2: How to pitch your idea and make a taster tape
Date & Time: Wednesday 15th July 2020 / 11am-1pm

When you have a treatment who do you send it to and how do you pitch it, alter it for different commissioners and funders? Find out what kind of taster tape works best for your idea.

WORKSHOP 3: Budgeting, contracts and legal considerations
Date & Time: Wednesday 22nd July 2020 / 11am-1pm

This session is devoted to guiding you through budgeting with reference to contracts and legal issues, that as a producer you need to be aware of when making a programme.
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