LFS LIVE: How to Craft a Compelling Logline

How to Craft a Compelling Logline

Date: Tuesday 18th August 2020
Time: 11am-1pm
Format: Workshop
Cost: £30 

When you set off to create a TV drama series, loglines are an extremely useful tool to getting your concept right. At the end of the process, when your final draft is complete and you're trying to get interest in your pilot and find a home for your series, a logline is also an essential part of your pitch.

A good logline helps sell your project. A great logline can seal the deal and all make the difference between failure and success. Learn how to craft one for your own project. 

Come along with an outline or synopsis of a film or TV drama project - either at the idea stage or completed and get feedback on how well it works. Then tweak it and polish it till it shines like a diamond.

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