LFS LIVE: Script Editing

Script Editing

Date: TBC
Time: TBC
Format: Workshop (2 Sessions)
Cost: £150

The relationship between a writer and script editor is key to a successful production. 

What makes a great script editor?  What makes a writer want to hold on to a script editor, and work with them on future projects? How do you switch from thinking like a producer/director to thinking like a script editor? 

In this two-part course we'll explore how a script editor wins a writer's trust, acting as their sounding board and confidant. There’ll be contributions from a wide range of commissioned TV, radio and film writers on what a fantastic script editor means to them. You'll also learn:

  • How to prepare, write and deliver notes constructively and supportively.
  • How to make sure you know your script inside out, in all of its drafts.
  • How to interpret and incorporate the views of the production; while understanding the impact they'll have on your writer.
  • How to mediate between the writer, the director and the producer's vision for a show, and maintain a healthy dialogue at all times.

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