LFS LIVE: Writers' Gym

Writers' Gym

Date: TBD
Time: 5pm-7.30pm (London-UK)
Format: Workshop (8 Sessions)
Cost: £500

Has the fun gone out of your writing? Do you feel stuck, finding it hard to make a routine? Are you looking for new ways into storytelling?

This 8-week workshop with screenwriter Ellis Freeman aims to refresh and deliver an injection of creative energy into your writing process. A writer learns more from the experience of trying things out than from any instruction book or lecture. Here is a chance to experiment, have fun, engage your playfulness and stimulate story ideas.

Developed over ten years of workshops, the Writers Gym' is a collection of games and exercises to stretch your writer's muscles and offer insights into the mechanisms of story. The approach is a practical one; solving creative problems, with practical tools to help the writer to find new writing habits. By working on group exercises, you'll also get the chance to hone your teamworking skills - vital in such a collaborative medium as filmmaking.

Previous Writers' Gym participants have ranged from complete novices to experienced feature directors. Whatever the level, we all face the empty page and the Writers' Gym is there to help find new ways to fill it.

Come with an open mind, ready to play.

There will be modules on:

Creativity and inspiration

  • Setting your mind into a creative state.
  • Harnessing that creative energy.
  • Journalling.
  • Finding out what you want to write.
  • How to keep improving as a writer.


  • What makes good characters?
  • From character to story.
  • Relationships.


  • Story mechanisms.
  • Structuring an idea.
  • Dramatic Irony.
  • Tips for writing Summaries.
  • Reference films.


  • What is Theme?
  • Clashes of beliefs.
  • Dilemmas.
  • Brainstorming Theme.
  • From Theme to Story.

This workshop will also give you the chance to develop a piece of writing over eight weeks, and get feedback from Ellis and the group.

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