LFS LIVE: Writers' Gym: Collaboration

Writers' Gym: Collaboration

Date: TBC
Time: 6pm-8.30pm
Format: Workshop (2 Sessions)
Cost: £150 

How do you collaborate creatively? Can you improve your skills as a sparring partner and learn when to step away from the driver’s seat? 

If you embrace the process of collaboration, you can find playful solutions to the problems a story throws at you.  In this two-part workshop with screenwriter Ellis Freeman, you will gain invaluable tips and tools to navigate the colourful world of team writing.
In the first class, participants will develop their story muscles with a mix of team writing games and exercises. There will also be a short collaborative project to complete before the second session.
In the second class, participants will take a look at the feedback process and how to refine an idea after receiving notes. 
A writer learns more from the experience of trying things out so here is your chance to experiment, have fun, engage your playfulness. Stimulate your story ideas and deliver an injection of creative energy into your writing process. 

Upon application, you will be asked to submit your CV, a brief personal statement and short description of your writing background.

REGISTRATION CLOSED.  Register your interest in another edition here.