Script Supervision & Continuity Weekend Intensive: Get Set!

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Script Supervision & Continuity Weekend Intensive: Get Set!

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Duration: 2 days (weekend)
Times: 10am-6pm
Capacity: Max. 12 participants
Fee: £300 10% Early bird discount available for limited period.

Working closely with the Director, DoP, Sound, Camera, Make-Up/Hair, Wardrobe, and Art departments, as well as the actors, the Script Supervisor/Continuity Person is in a unique position to observe and support the creation of a film. The Script Supervisor is the technical safety net for the crew, responsible for ensuring that the footage delivered to the producers is in keeping with the approved script and contains the necessary elements for a successful edit.

This 2-day weekend workshop with experienced script supervisor Beth Multer examines the essential skills, set etiquette, and techniques necessary to work as a Script Supervisor today. Suitable for a variety of on-set professionals, including script supervisors, line producers and assistant directors, it is also ideal for anyone seeking a thorough insight into what the role entails.

Course Outline

An on-set position, the script supervisor's role combines two main areas of work:

  • Note-taking and tracking of the filmmaking process for production and post-production departments.
  • Tracking and supervising the continuity of the film from script level through to the end of principal photography.

Topics covered on this workshop include:

  • Prepping a feature film
  • 180-degree Rule/"The Line"
  • Eyelines
  • Essential Film Language skills
  • Understanding shotmaking
  • Coverage
  • Screen Direction
  • Forms/Paperwork
  • Script Supervisor's Breakdowns
  • Lined Script
  • Working with multiple cameras
  • Set Etiquette
  • Slating
  • Responsibilities to production/post-production
  • Liaising with Key Department Heads
  • Tracking Continuity
  • Adapting to new technology and environments
  • Digital Script Supervision options
  • Kit
  • Working with Visual Effects
  • Overview of script supervision for commercials, reality, live, doc and other non-narrative formats

"It's one of the few jobs in the industry that someone does because they absolutely love the craft... [script supervisors] love rolling up their sleeves to make something better." Peter Landesman, director of CONCUSSION, quoted in a recent article by The Frame.

Feedback from Beth's previous courses:

"This course is brilliant. I love that I'm now armed with all the tools I need to do the job. The handouts and USB are really useful. The clips & activities worked well to create good habits. I was glad there was a vetting process for the course, as it meant we had a room of people who were genuinely interested in the subject." Matt, participant July 2016

"This workshop is very relevant to today's industry standards. I now feel confident in pursuing my first project as a script supervisor. Beth is very approachable and makes the sessions interesting for everyone - even those who are already in the industry." Catia, participant July 2016 

"Beth is a shining example of a good script supervisor. From her very first advice of "on time is late", I could tell she held herself to very high standards and would not let people down. Her sense of responsibility staggered me, and from a director's point of view she made me feel very safe and secure." Lu, participant July 2016

"This workshop is very good for getting an overview of what a script supervisor does. If you already have some experience, you can improve your knowledge and ask questions. As I'd studied my know-how only from books and the internet, it was very useful to meet to Beth, as she has so much experience." Helis, participant July 2016

"Beth presents her role in a matter of fact way, neither glorifying it too much nor minimizing its importance. She did an excellent job of showcasing this role and making its heart felt. The workshop met my expectations completely. I would recommend it to anyone who wants an introduction to what a Script Supervisor does, and to get a sense of whether or not it's for them." Lu, participant July 2016

“The information received prior to the course provided a welcome insight into what we would be covering in the workshop. The materials supplied on the day were extremely valuable as they provided examples, templates, lists and references to learn from and work with – all that would assist in raising one’s confidence if/when working as a script supervisor. The USB to back-up all the information was a bonus.”

“Good class size, as the tutor was able to focus on everyone. The workshop was very thorough."

“It was useful to learn about the way in which the script supervisor interacts with all the other members of the crew, and Beth was very clear about what are and are not the responsibilities of the role. It has made me feel confident of carrying out my first job as a script supervisor.”

“It's a good idea to have a workshop for script supervising and continuity because the books I have read on it are outdated, as practices seem to be advancing all the time. It was useful to see what essential factors of the job remain the same and an idea is given about the future of script supervisor role and how we should expect that the job will be carried out in a couple of years’ time as well as the current state of things.”

“I enjoyed meeting Beth and learning from her experience and first-hand knowledge. It opened my eyes to an on-set role I had a great interest but limited experience in. Beth was very encouraging but kept us on our toes – asking us questions and making us use our heads rather than simply feed us the information. This made the workshop all the more enjoyable and motivating.”

If you've been script supervising for a while and you're burning to take on bigger jobs, take a look at our advanced workshop Prepping the Feature: A Practical 5-Day Workshop for Script Supervisors.

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Tutor profile: Beth Multer, Script Supervisor

Beth Multer is a Script Supervisor specialising in American Independent Films. Since 1999, she has worked on over 20 features including WRISTCUTTERS, THE TENANTS, MY SUICIDE, and MAY. In addition to films, she has worked on commercials, television and other projects for companies such as Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, Spike TV, Showtime, MTV/Paramount, Dangerous Films, Carsey-Werner, ABC, First Tuesday Media and more. She holds a BFA in Film from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and a Certificate in Directing from the American Film Institute’s Center for Advanced Film and Television Studies. She uses ScriptE Digital software on set.

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