Technical Drawing for Film & Television

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Technical Drawing for Film & Television

Date: (awaiting dates)

Duration: 3 weeks (Monday to Friday)
Times: 10am - approx. 7pm
Max. 9 participants
Fee: £2,250  10% Early Bird discount available for limited period.

This intensive 3-week programme with David McHenry (GAME OF THRONES, BLACK SAILS, OUTLANDER, JOHN WICK 3) covers all aspects of traditional hand drafting for film and television.

There will be a maximum of nine participants, and the primary aim of the course will be to develop each student’s abilities and build confidence in precisely those areas where they are needed. An organic process of learning without a rigid timetable will allow each participant to work entirely at his or her own pace. Under the tutor's guidance, each participant will receive the one-to-one assistance they need to make the most of their time with us. 

Course Outline

The starting point for each participant will be a designer’s rough sketch, from which a set of working drawings will be created. Essential drafting techniques and basic geometry will be practiced as required, with specific areas to be addressed as follows:

  • Plans, sections, elevations and larger scale details.
  • The construction of arches in various forms, staircases (and spirals), windows and doors.
  • The use of lenses and screen aspect ratios.
  • Methods of creating lens projections.

Extensive reference documents will be provided throughout the course, as will all equipment and materials.

Tutor profile: David McHenry, Production Designer / Art Director

David McHenry has over 35 years experience in film and television design. He is presently working on OUTLANDER. Recent work includes BLACK SAILS, Peter Kosminsky's THE STATE and GAME OF THRONES. His work in feature films as production designer include JOHN WICK 3, LOVE AND DEATH ON LONG ISLAND, JACKBOOTS ON WHITEHALL and as set designer on DREDD and RUSH. Extensive TV design credits include INSPECTOR MORSE. 

David McHenry has compiled his knowledge into an essential resource for aspiring professionals studying and working in film and TV design. The book covers all aspects of scenic drafting by hand – a technique still used because of its unparalleled emotive and aesthetic qualities. Order your copy on Amazon!