Intimacy Directing: An Introduction to The Five Pillars of Intimacy

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Intimacy Directing: An Introduction to The Five Pillars of Intimacy

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Duration: 2 days
Times: 10am-5pm
Capacity: Max. 20 participants
Fee: £250 10% discount available for limited period.

In the wake of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements Intimacy Directing has emerged to the front of the professional film and theatre scene. Intimacy Directors provide safeguarding and support on set, and develop best practice for scenes involving physical intimacy. They take responsibility for the emotional and physical welfare of actors and open up a safe space for creative exploration of sensitive characters and scenes. 

Led by award-winning director Amanda Liz Cutting, this introductory course is aimed at actors, directors and producers and is suitable for anyone looking to manage a rehearsal space.

This workshop will focus on the five pillars of intimacy:

CONTEXT: Before any choreography can be considered, there must first be an understanding of the story and the circumstances surrounding a scene of intimacy. 

COMMUNICATION: Open communication between the director, intimacy director and the actors should be a continuous process – from rehearsal to production.

CONSENT: Before any scene of intimacy can be addressed, consent must be established between the actors. 

CHOREOGRAPHY: Each scene of intimacy must be choreographed, in order to provide a safe and consensual experience for actors.

CLOSURE: Actors are encouraged to develop a closing moment between them to signify the ending of the work. 

Each pillar will be explored in-depth ensuring that considerations are made from script right through to production. Participants will learn how to apply each pillar effectively, in order to create safe working environments for actors. 

Tutor profile: Amanda Liz Cutting, Director and Artistic Director

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Amanda Liz Cutting is an award-winning theatre Director and Artistic Director of the Artists Theatre Collective, based in Calgary, Canada. She has spent a significant spell in the UK, including a placement at the Globe, and most recently directing a production of Romeo & Juliet at the Pendley Shakespeare Festival. In 2019, she is coming back to the UK, presenting a series of Intimacy Directing workshops and a touring production of Haunted House Hamlet.