Through the Lens: Visual Storytelling in Film

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Through the Lens: Visual Storytelling in Film

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Duration: Six Weekly Sessions
Format: Online via Zoom
Fee: £550

This online workshop explores the process of translating scripts into images. Participants will learn the language of the lens and the importance of visual storytelling in film.
This programme is designed and delivered by Andrew Speller, an experienced cinematographer and camera operator with over 30 years in the film industry. Andrew will guide participants through the visual techniques that make up the heart of great cinema and storytelling.
The programme will be delivered over six weekly sessions and is suitable for those beginning the journey into filmmaking or those who want to fine tune their visual literacy. With a mix of stills photography and cinema examples, participants will learn how visual elements work together to tell a story. A weekly project is set and then assessed in the following session, so techniques can be applied and reviewed for practical feedback.  


Week 1 – The Basics (Light and Shadow)
Week 2 – Portrait (Character and Context)
Week 3 – Composition (Frame and Lens)
Week 4 – Colour (Atmosphere, Mood & Emotion)
Week 5 – Cinema (Camera & Performance)
Week 6 – Review (Project Feedback)

Tutor profile: Andrew Speller, GBCT. ACO, Cinematographer

Andrew Speller, GBCT. ACO's workshops at LFS

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Andrew Speller is an experienced Cinematographer and Camera Operator with a professional career in the Film industry of over 30 years. An early passion for drawn, painted, photographed, static or moving images, developed into filmmaking.

Documentary experience shaped an intuitive awareness of being able to read situations as they evolved, to find the shots that supported the emotion and an ability to get the camera to where it should be to tell the story, readily transferred to narrative filmmaking in TV Drama and Features.

Andrew’s experience of working with high profile Directors and DP’s in both Film and Digital formats, informs his approach to teaching Cinematography.

In 2008 Andrew joined the prestigious London Film School as a Senior Lecturer in Cinematography. Now as a visiting lecturer Andrew teaches at several other film schools in the UK and EU.