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Tutor profile: Aasaf Ainapore, Director

Aasaf Ainapore's workshops at LFS

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Aasaf is a multiple award-winning director of branded online content, TV commercials and short films with twenty years of experience. He has also developed feature film projects and television shows for US studios, British production companies and broadcasters including the BBC and ITV and Pathe.  Aasaf is a visiting lecturer in directing at the Met Film School and also up skills professional directors moving from broadcast to branded content and commercials at DV Talent. Aasaf has also consulted on the creation of series-based content across the Telegraph Media Group.

Tutor profile: Alex Boutellier, Cinematographer

Alex Boutellier's workshops at LFS

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Alex Boutellier is a freelance cinematographer with over 15 years of professional experience in the film and television industry. His credits include feature length and short films, documentaries and commercials for television, and web content such as news and advertisements for corporate clients. Originally from Switzerland, he is currently based in the UK. A scholarship recipient of the London Film School and the University of Exeter 'Film by Practice' PhD program, his research on the impact of disruptive new technologies on the role of the cinematographer in the modern film industry will be completed in 2019.

Tutor profile: Alison Norrington, Writer/Producer

Alison Norrington is a writer/producer, CEO, Founder & Chief Creative Director of storycentral, a London-based entertainment studio that incubates and develops ground-breaking transmedia properties with global partners in film, television, publishing and gaming.

Alison and her team are working with filmmakers, writers, publishers, broadcasters, storytellers and technology start ups globally on incubating new franchises, participative experiences, production, story architecture, mythology and planning, prototyping, audience development & engagement and utilizing social media.

Alison is a best-selling novelist, playwright and screenwriter with a Masters Degree in Creative Writing & New Media and a PhD researcher. Over her 20-year career she has worked with and consulted to AMC, SundanceTV, Walt Disney Imagineering, FOX International, Harlequin Mills & Boon, McCann, Coca Cola, F&W Media, Eurovision Broadcasting Union, Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre, First Hand Films. She is currently writing and producing a web-series with LA partners and working with emerging film-makers in Sweden.

Alison is writer and producer of webseries THE LOEDOWN, author of 3 bestselling novels – CLASS ACT, LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP and THREE OF A KIND and creator of the first transmedia romcom STAYING SINGLE.  She has also written plays A FISH & A BONSAI and PISTOLS AT DAWN.

Alison is the European Academy (EBU) Eurovision Transmedia Masterclass trainer and runs workshops, training programs and labs worldwide. She is a judge for a series of global media festivals including Banff World Media Festival, Canada Media Fund, Publishing Innovation Awards and Independent Production Fund (Canada) and Digital Emmy Awards.

Alison was Conference Chair for StoryWorld Conference & Expo in Los Angeles, is a TEDx speaker and has presented at a number of conferences including Digital Book World, London Book Fair, Asia Media Summit, Eurovision TV Summit, London Screenwriters Festival and Story Expo LA, tapping her expertise in building transmedia properties and digital content for commercial and niche audiences.

She is featured on the BAFTA Guru series and is a member of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, The Writers Guild of Great Britain, Women in Film & TV and the Romantic Novelists Association.

Tutor profile: Andrew Speller, GBCT. ACO, Cinematographer

Andrew Speller, GBCT. ACO's workshops at LFS

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Andrew Speller is an experienced Cinematographer and Camera Operator with a professional career in the Film industry of over 30 years. An early passion for drawn, painted, photographed, static or moving images, developed into filmmaking.

Documentary experience shaped an intuitive awareness of being able to read situations as they evolved, to find the shots that supported the emotion and an ability to get the camera to where it should be to tell the story, readily transferred to narrative filmmaking in TV Drama and Features.

Andrew’s experience of working with high profile Directors and DP’s in both Film and Digital formats, informs his approach to teaching Cinematography.

In 2008 Andrew joined the prestigious London Film School as a Senior Lecturer in Cinematography. Now as a visiting lecturer Andrew teaches at several other film schools in the UK and EU.

Tutor profile: Barrie Vince, Editor

In parallel to a successful career as a fiction film and documentary editor spanning four decades, Barrie has helped develop the talent of many young editors through his teaching. He was appointed twice Head of Editing - first at the National Film and Television School and later in the same capacity he set up the editing department at the Norwegian Film School, when the school opened in 1998. He currently continues to work both as a Visiting Lecturer for several institutions in the UK and in Europe and he has also been a member of several Editing and Film Production Committees at BAFTA and at the Arts Council of Great Britain.

I owe a huge debt to the film director Sidney Furie. In 1966, while we were editing THE NAKED RUNNER, he explained how decisions on how to cover a scene (and therefore how it should be cut) were made through analysing its dramatic structure. Over the next eight years this concept alone proved invaluable editing, for instance, NEGATIVES (Peter Medak), THE TRIPLE ECHO (Michael Apted), THE MOON AND THE SLEDGEHAMMER (Philip Trevelyan), THE OPIUM WARLORDS (Adrian Cowell) and, above all, the recently re-released (to considerable acclaim) DEEP END (Jerzy Skolimowski). In 1974 I was invited to join the NFTS, initially as Head of Editing and encouraged to return as often as I liked to filmmaking, an arrangement which enabled me to develop in both roles. In the next nineteen years I returned several times to the NFTS as General Tutor, First Year Co-ordinator etc. building up a compendium of concepts that support and articulate the craft of filmmaking. During this time I not only edited A PRIVATE FUNCTION (Malcolm Mobray), THE SHOUT and MOONLIGHTING (Skolimowski) but also co-wrote MOONLIGHTING, which won Best Script award at Cannes in 1982. I also directed FREEDOM TRAIN, a documentary for Central TV. In 1992 Paul Bamborough, the co-inventor of Lightworks, asked for my comments on a prototype and later that year I chose the system, which remains my digital weapon of choice, to edit RUNNING LATE (Udayan Prasad). Since 1993 I have continued to edit for Udayan and Malcolm, Simon Shore (GET REAL), Charles MacDougall (HILLSBOROUGH -for which I was awarded a BAFTA), Mike Grigsby (THE SCORE), Kim Longinotto (DIVORCE IRANIAN STYLE) et al. I have been a visiting tutor at the European Film College, the Metropolitan Film School, the Central Film School, the London Film Academy, the London Film School and the University of Westminster MA in Directing course. I run an editing workshop each year at the NFTS and every two years at the Cologne International Film School.

Tutor profile: Beth Multer, Script Supervisor

Beth Multer's workshops at LFS

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Beth Multer is a Script Supervisor specialising in American Independent Films. Since 1999, she has worked on over 20 features including WRISTCUTTERS, THE TENANTS, MY SUICIDE, and MAY. In addition to films, she has worked on commercials, television and other projects for companies such as Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, Spike TV, Showtime, MTV/Paramount, Dangerous Films, Carsey-Werner, ABC, First Tuesday Media and more. She holds a BFA in Film from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and a Certificate in Directing from the American Film Institute’s Center for Advanced Film and Television Studies. She uses ScriptE Digital software on set.

View Beth's card on Shooting People

Tutor profile: Chi Yu, Writer/Director & Film Lecturer

Chi Yu's workshops at LFS

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Chi Yu is a Writer/ Director who graduated with a MA in Filmmaking at the prestigious London Film School in 2013. He was mentored by UK Producer Margaret Matheson in his final year. He was funded by Film London's London Calling and London Calling Plus Schemes and has had films shown at festivals in the UK and Ireland. He has been part of the BAFTA Crew scheme and has devised and taught courses for LFS's Outreach Department. He also mentored at Iconic Steps. Chi currently teaches Editing at London Film School, and sees himself as a sole-practitioner of filmmaking with all-round filmmaking skills. 

Tutor profile: David McHenry, Production Designer / Art Director

David McHenry has over 35 years' experience in film and television as a production designer, art director and draughtsman. His TV credits are extensive and include Neil Gaiman's THE SANDMAN, OUTLANDER, BLACK SAILS, Peter Kosminsky's THE STATE, INSPECTOR MORSE and GAME OF THRONES. His work in feature films includes LOVE AND DEATH ON LONG ISLAND, JACKBOOTS ON WHITEHALL, JOHN WICK 3, DREDD, RUSH and Ridley Scott's upcoming Napoleon Bonaparte epic. 

Drawing the Line, Technical Hand Drafting for Film  and Television
David McHenry has compiled his knowledge into an essential resource for aspiring professionals studying and working in film and TV design. The book covers all aspects of scenic drafting by hand – a technique still used because of its unparalleled emotive and aesthetic qualities. Order your copy on Amazon!

Tutor profile: Ellis Freeman, Screenwriter


Ellis Freeman's workshops at LFS

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With a background in print and TV journalism, Ellis has been writing screenplays for over 15 years. He has had commissions from BFI, Channel Four, The Film Council, Rai (Italy), Fox Searchlight and the MEDIA programme.

With Brazilian director, Henrique Goldman, he wrote PRINCESA, an award-winning feature about a transvestite prostitute living in Milan. The film was screened at the Sundance festival 2001 and has been released in the US, UK, France, Germany and Scandinavia. He also co-wrote JANUARY 2ND, a comedy feature for director Matt Winn which screened widely at festivals.

A regular lecturer at the London Film School, Ellis also teaches creative writing seminars at the DFFB in Berlin for directors, writers and producers. He is an advisor at the Binger Filmlab in Amsterdam, a tutor on the Low Budget Film Forum and has held creative writing workshops at the Scuola Holden in Turin and the Berlinale Talents. 

He is currently developing a TV thriller series for Sixteen Films, producer Rebecca O’Brien and director, Tim Fywell. He is also developing a slate of feature projects with Clownfish Films, the company he runs with producing partner, Luke Schiller. 

Tutor profile: Emma Dobinson, Producer, Production Manager & Trainer

Emma Dobinson's workshops at LFS

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With over 20 years media experience, Emma Dobinson is a versatile Producer, Production Manager and Trainer, one who has been responsible for developing and delivering successful film, TV, social media and live projects as well as training packages of value, quality and worth. 

Emma’s drama experience ranges from film to web to TV and clients include BBC, Channel 4, Discovery and Sky.  Emma has had the pleasure of working overseas in countries ranging from Canada, Mexico and Ghana to Finland, Bulgaria, Bangladesh and Indonesia. She has taught for the internationally renowned London Film School as well as for Goldsmiths - University of London, the National Film & Television School, Channel 4 and the BBC.
Emma enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with others and looks forward to collaborating with attendees to aid them in getting the best out of their own drama projects.