The tenth annual East End Film Festival begins today in east London. The festival, which celebrates both local and international rising talent, will run until the 29th of April and will screen three projects from LFS grads and alumni during its run. Those projects selected are Monica Santis' 'Hacia el Sol', Hero Mackenzie's 'Release', and Toby Wharton's 'Master of Ceremonies' - the last of which LFS graduate Laura Seward DP'ed.

'Hacia el Sol' focuses on Esmerelda, a young girl picked up by US border patrol and placed in a shelter for minors, as she slowly recovers from trauma through her interactions with other kids, teachers, and shelter staff. The film, which was Monica's LFS graduate film, will be featured in the festivals 'Travelin' Thru' slate. All of the selected fillms feature protagonists searching for redemption, acceptance, or a new home.

'Travelin Thru' will also feature another LFS grad film - Hero Mackenzie's 'Release'. Both of these shorts will be screened over the course of 95 minutes at Rich Mix in Bethnal Green on the 14th of April. 'Release' follows a man just out of prison seeking to find closure for the crimes he previously committed. You can find a more indepth interview with Hero Mackenzie on the topic of her short film here.

In addition to 'Travelin Thru', Toby Wharton's short 'Master of Ceremonies' will be apart of the festivals 'Shake it Out' category. The film, which was also DP'ed by LFS's own Laura Seward has been nominated for the 'Best UK Short Award'. The shorts in the category will also be screened on the 14th of April at the Curzon Aldgate. 'The short which has a runtime of ten minutes conveys the internal workings of a young man's mind as his false sense of identity disintegrates. 

Don't forget, this Sunday, the 14th of April is the date to remember in order to see somoe of LFS's up and coming new talent at East End Film Festival!

About HACIA EL SOL (2017)
Director: Monica Santis
Writer: Monica Santis
Language: Spanish, English
Runtime: 20 minutes
About RELEASE (2017)
Director: Monica Santis
Writer: Monica Santis
Language: English
Runtime: 19 minutes
Director: Toby Wharton
Writer: Toby Wharton
Language: English
Runtime: 10 minutes