Student Film Racks Up Another Win

Recently graduated Joshua Magor is having continued success with his term five film People at Night, which has just been awarded Best Student Film in the Lithuanian Ramunas Atelier International Independent Film Awards.  This comes off the back of an outstanding list of accolades including:

2nd Place Student Film at the 22nd Indie Gathering, Ohio 2017

Honourable Mention at Experimental Forum, Los Angeles 2017

Honourable Mention Los Angeles Underground Film Festival 2017

Official Selection 2017 Lisbon International Film Festival

Official Selection 2017 Stockholm Independent Film Festival

First Selection at The International Short Film Festival, Kalmthout Belgium 2017

Official Selection at the Largo Film Awards 2017

Joshua originally hails from Pietermaritzburg, a small town in the KwaZulu Natal Province of South Africa, and previously studied an MA in Economics and Literature at Edinburgh. He graduated from LFS in September 2017 and is currently sound mixing him first feature film, a docufiction set in the area of South Africa where he grew up, called “We Are Thankful.” He is also in the editing stage of two other short films based in South Africa which he hopes to complete by early next year.

People at Night tells the story of John, who, unable to bear the world around him, descends into the London night in an attempt to prove to himself that he still has some kind of agency over his life. In doing so, he is forced to confront his potential to cause harm to those around him.

“With People At Night I tried to find a way to make something that was concerned entirely with feelings,” says Joshua. “I wanted to make a film that felt as if it leapt out from the nervous system of the character and gave the viewer a haptic experience of his emotional state.” 

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Festival Information

The International Independent Film Awards is a twice-yearly festival held in Lithuania, which is dedicated to showcasing and celebrating independent filmmakers and artists from around the world. There is a total of 41 categories (15 primary and 26 creative) and 7 award levels, with screenings in Los Angeles for the winners. All independent, underground, big and low budget projects of all genres and topics are accepted.