Sundance Grand Jury Prize Winner, 'MATRIA', continues garnering praise

MA Filmmaking graduate, Gago, whose 'Matria' was shown at the Sundance festivals International Narrative Short Film special event on the 24th of January this year has been awarded the short film Grand Jury Prize. The film's logline states, "Faced with a challenging daily routine, Ramona tries to take refuge in her relationships with her daughter and granddaughter." Matria's runtime is twenty-one minutes and has been accepted to seven other festivals.

On Gago's website, he explains the film in more detail: "Matria is a film about a defective everyday heroine. I didn’t want to portray her from a panegyric point of view. My intention was to document her reality under the illusion of a fiction veil. An adverse reality that doesn’t have an apparent ending in the film, because Matria is a continuous tragedy engraved with fire in the routine."

The film has since done well on the film festival circuit, with the short accumulating 28 wins and 18 nominations so far and now being available on Amazon Prime here.

Congratulations to Gago and all behind the short film 'Matria'.


About MATRIA (2017)

Official site:


Writer/Director: Álvaro Gago

Producers: Alvaro Gago, José Gago, Mireia Graell

Cinematography: Lucia C. Pan

Edit: Alvaro Gago

Sound: Sound Troop

Language: Galician

Runtime: 21 minutes