Andrew Lowry


Born in 1985 in Northern Ireland, Andrew Lowry grew up in an environment saturated by film. After studying English Literature at Oxford University, he settled in London and worked for some years as a journalist and film critic before gaining an MA in Filmmaking at the London Film School in 2013. Before completing his graduation film, Team Judas, he wrote and directed the short films The Rainy Day Moustache Company, Entropy and Hellfire.

Andrew Lowry

MA Filmmaking
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United Kingdom

Graduation film

Team Judas

Three Londoners in their late twenties have one last lock-in before one of them moves to Hong Kong; revelations, recriminations and regrets ensue.
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LFS Filmography

Team Judas, WRITER/DIRECTOR, Arri Alexa, 16m, LFS, 2013
Hellfire, WRITER/DIRECTOR, Canon C300, 12m, independent, 2013
Spoils, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, 35mm, 9m, LFS, 2012
Entropy, 16mm, 3m, LFS, 2011
The Rainy Day Moustache Company, 16mm, 2m, LFS, 2011
My Super Sweet, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, 16mm, 3m, LFS, 2011
Sundriesman, EDITOR, 16mm, 7m, LFS, 2011