Sam Mildner


Sam started making films at the age of three, using up all his Dad's film creating rudimentary stop motion animations with his toys. At boarding school he snuck out to study a film studies A–level at the local college, before attaining a BA in Film from Kent University, and recently, an MA/Distinction in Filmmaking from the London Film School.

Sam has worked in a wide variety of styles over the years, from papier-mâché expressionism to coarse and brutal realism, but his work is always concerned with telling a story – his films are honest and full of heart. 

Sam lives in London, and runs a production company, DOG BUTTON, with fellow filmmaker Jan Hillman. He works as a director, writer and producer.


Sam Mildner

MA Filmmaking
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United Kingdom

Graduation film

mum's room

Alex cares for his mother as she dies from cancer. Shouldering this burden alone, he maintains a brave face when he visits the hospice, but inside his mum’s room the harrowing sound of her fight for oxygen prevents him from even looking at her. However, this is just Alex's days; his nights are filled with alcohol, pills and cocaine.
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LFS Filmography

Six Days A Week, CO-DIRECTOR/PRODUCER, Canon 60D, 5m 2s, Mondegreen Records/DOG BUTTON, 2013
mum's room, WRITER/DIRECTOR, Red MX, 13m 27s, LFS/DOG BUTTON, 2013
room for two, PRODUCER, Canon C300, 16m 7s, LFS/DOG BUTTON, 2013
Dressed in the Past, WRITER/DIRECTOR, 35mm, 9m 57s, LFS, 2011
L.O.V.E. (Life Of Various Encounters), DIRECTOR/EDITOR, Mixed Media, 4m 2s, Independent Production, 2011
Why We Do This, PRODUCER, Sony EX3, 20m, LFS, 2011
Follower of Rembrandt, WRITER/DIRECTOR, 16mm, 3m, LFS, 2010
Kraeplin's Walk, PRODUCER, 16mm, 5m 7s, LFS, 2010


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