Rodrigo Cervantes


Rodrigo Cervantes was born and raised in Mexico City. At the age of 13 he moved to the US where he attended high school. At 18 he was an assistant photographer working in Buenos Aires, travelling through South America in his free time.

He attended university in Mexico City, graduating with a BA in Media and Communications, specializing in filmmaking with his first short film Solo Para Tuba as his graduation film.

For almost 4 years he worked in films, commercials and music videos as a freelance 2nd AD, soon becoming a 1st AD. By the time he started directing his first commercials and music videos, he decided to focus on films and continued his studies at The London Film School, where he graduated in 2013. His London Film School graduation film is being shipped out to festivals around the world and is currently an official selection at Raindance Film Festival.


Rodrigo Cervantes

MA Filmmaking
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Graduation film

Despues de la Z

Alberto, a teenager, ends up driving for a group of hired assassins from the Zeta Cartel in Mexico, transporting a mysterious cargo. In the journey of one night he will touch the depths of violence that permeate contemporary Mexico and inevitably become part of the Cartel.
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LFS Filmography

Después de la Z, DIRECTOR, 13m, LFS, 2013
Devil Woman, DIRECTOR, HD, 4m, W360º, 2012
Del Mito, DIRECTOR, 16mm, 2m, LFS, 2011
Solo Para Tuba, DIRECTOR, RED, 15m, W360º, 2010
Sra Rosales, DIRECTOR, HD, 12m, Anahuac University, 2009
Beautiful Life, DIRECTOR, HD, 3m, W360º, 2008