Alex Grigoras


Alex was born is Iaşi, Romania, in 1983. He studied Visual Arts at George Enescu Art University, concentrating on video art and photography. After graduating from his BA he activated as a video artist participating in a number of exhibitions within the European circuit. In parallel he worked as an assistant lecturer at the same university.

After several experiences working as a cinematographer for films and art projects he moved to London to study at The London Film School, where he concentrated on light and camera work. He graduated as Director of Photography after shooting several projects in and outside of the UK. He is now based in London where he works as a freelance cinematographer shooting fiction, music videos and commercials. 

Alex Grigoras

MA Filmmaking
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Graduation film

Better Than Tomorrow

After years in cryogenic status, Norman is brought back to life and immediately sent to a male quarantine facility. Finally unfrozen, Norman tries to find his wife, Catherine, who entered cryostasis with him one hundred years earlier. Persistent yet patient, Norman struggles through the bureaucracy of the quarantine in order to meet his wife. However, their reunion comes with a shocking revelation about this perplexing new world.
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LFS Filmography

East India Youth – Looking for someone (music video), CINEMATOGRAPHER, Red Scarlet, 4m 20s, Stolen Records UK, 2013
Ringo Jets – Tease (music video), CINEMATOGRAPHER, 3m 20s, Autonomy Turley, 2013
Un Pensiero Kalasnikov, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Arri Alexa, 21m, LFS, 2013
Official selection Orizzonti Section, Venice Film Festival
Better Than Tomorrow, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Arri Alexa, 20m, LFS, 2013
Dear Mr Wind, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Arri Alexa, 14m, LFS, 2013
Mind closure, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Red Epic, 17m, LFS, 2012
Rosemary Jane, CAMERA OPERATOR, Arri Alexa, 17m, LFS, 2012
Official selection Encounters Short Film Festival
Brief Encounters Best of British Award
My Friend Erhan, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Arri Alexa, 12m, LFS, 2012
Outland, CAMERA OPERATOR, Red One, 19m, LFS, 2011
Official selection Encounters Film Festival
Where the wind hides, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, 7m, LFS, 2011