Lawrie Doran


Lawrie was born and raised in Urmston, Manchester. Nobody’s ever really heard of the place but he was delivered in the same hospital as Morrissey, though that’s where the comparisons end. He went to Oxford University where he graduated in English Language and Literature. He then worked in social media market research for three years, specialising in the movie industry and learning mainly to make sure your Facebook privacy settings are as high as it is humanly possible to set them.

He is currently based in London, expanding his slate of feature ideas and scripts. Sometimes he writes comedy, sometimes he writes character-driven drama, sometimes he writes both. Sometimes he writes biographies about himself in the third person and finds it strange.

Lawrie Doran

MA Screenwriting
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United Kingdom

LFS Filmography

The Trouble Downstairs, WRITER, Canon 5D, 14m, Spinning Films, 2013
Carnivory, WRITER, Canon 5D, 18m, Lumennaire, 2013
Fallow, WRITER, LFS MA Feature Screenplay, 2013
Last Summer, SCRIPT CONSULTANT, Alexa, 83m, Essentia/J. Vigo/Cinema Undici, 2013
Dog Days, SCRIPT EDITOR, RED Epic, 25m, LFS, 2013
Last Base, SCRIPT EDITOR, Si-2K, 11m, LFS, 2013
The Idea of Growing Old, SCRIPT EDITOR, 16mm, 20m, LFS, 2013
Besides That Life is Grand, SCRIPT EDITOR, 35mm, 20m, LFS, 2013