Russell Campbell


Russell is currently Adjunct Professor of Film, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Partner in Vanguard Films, trustee of Community Media Trust, Wellington, NZ.

Previously he worked as compiler/editor of textbooks Photographic Theory for the Motion Picture Cameraman and Practical Motion Picture Photography for LFS (1970). He is the author of Cinema Strikes Back: Radical Filmmaking in the United States, 1930-1942 (1982), Marked Women: Prostitutes and Prostitution in the Cinema (2006), Observations: Studies in New Zealand Documentary (2011) and was editor of journals Backtrack (1968, at LFS), The Velvet Light Trap (1971-73) and Illusions (1987-90).

Russell Campbell

Diploma Filmmaking
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New Zealand

LFS Filmography

Sisters from Siberia, 2009
Sedition, 2005
Rebels in Retrospect, 1991
Islands of the Empire, CO-DIRECTOR, 1985
A Century of Struggle, CO-DIRECTOR, 1981
Wildcat, CO-DIRECTOR, 1981