Gaëlle Mourre


Gaëlle grew up in Singapore and London where she attended the French Lycée before leaving for College at Skidmore in Saratoga Springs, New York.

As an undergraduate, she studied Art History and Spanish Literature and took as many film theory classes as she could. It was a combination of these Film Study and Art History classes that fed her curiosity for visual storytelling and led her to the LFS. 

Since then, she has worked on a number of short films both within the school and independently, working mainly as a director, editor and AD. She is graduating with a concentration in Directing and Editing and is now working as a freelancer on a number of exciting projects and preparing her next short fiction piece.


Gaëlle Mourre

MA Filmmaking
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LFS Filmography

Daswarstdu! (in post-production), EDITOR, Blackmagic, Lung Editions Ltd, 2014
Besides That, Life is Grand, Alexa, EDITOR, 22m, LFS / Fat Red Bird, 2014
Deserts, EDITOR, Alexa, 24m, LFS, 2014
I50 Challenge (short videos), EDITOR, Digital, 3m each, Concept 139 Ltd, 2014
Music Beyond Borders (trailer), EDITOR, Digital, 4m, Music Beyond Borders LLC, 2014
Awakening, WRITER/DIRECTOR, Alexa, 20m, LFS & Fat Red Bird, 2014
Variations on Charlotte's Afternoon, ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, Alexa, 20m, LFS, 2013
Tongues, EDITOR/AD, Alexa, 20m, LFS, 2013
Chasing Clouds, DIRECTOR, Digital, 10m, LFS, 2012
Susannah, DIRECTOR, 16mm, 3m, LFS, 2012
Perfect Corpses, EDITOR, 16mm, 3m, LFS, 2011