Nick Jones


Nick Jones is a London based filmmaker. He graduated from the London Film School as a director with the short documentary 57º North. The film has been officially selected at 11 festivals worldwide, with its premiere at American Documentary festival in Palm Springs.

Since graduating, Nick has set up his own production company, Picture Imperfect, establishing strong working relationships with clients such as LUSH, Zoological Society of London, Capish! and Herefordshire Care Homes. 

In 2014, Nick directed a 6-part travel series, Farm to Face, which is currently in post production stages with talks ongoing at Channel 4. He also directed the music video A Thousand Generators for Marshall Teller Records, which received the Staff Pick at Daily Motion. 

He is currently producing the short film Inside, directed by Carolina Petro and writing his first feature film which will be shot in 2015.


Nick Jones

MA Filmmaking
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United Kingdom

Graduation film

57º North

Full of Celtic charm, 57º North is a poignant insight into the traditional island lifestyle of John Jo MacDonald, a 67-year-old lobster fisherman who has worked the sea of South Uist his whole life. We witness how John Jo's way of life is under threat from environmental issues outside of his control.
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LFS Filmography

Inside (pre-production), PRODUCER, Alexa, 2015
Farm to Face, DIRECTOR, C300, 6 part TV series, Independent, 2015
Circumnavigating Hope, DIRECTOR, C300, LUSH & ZSL, 2014
A Thousand Generators (music video), DIRECTOR/DOP/EDITOR, Picture Imperfect 2014
57º North (documentary), DIRECTOR/DOP/EDITOR, C300, LFS + Picture Imperfect 2014
Air Guitar World Championships (documentary), AD/SOUND RECORDIST , 2013
And Now For The Wild (music video), DIRECTOR/DOP/EDITOR, Picture Imperfect, 2013
Spinning as We Turn (music video), DIRECTOR/DOP/EDITOR, Picture Imperfect, 2013
A Breath in the Wind, WRITER/DIRECTOR, LFS, 2012
The Boredom Rose (music video), DIRECTOR/EDITOR, Picture Imperfect, 2012
A Thousand Generators (music video), DIRECTOR/PRODUCER/EDITOR, Picture Imperfect, 2012
Seeing the Funny Side (documentary), EDITOR/SOUND RECORDIST, LFS, 2012
Song of Songs, WRITER/DIRECTOR, LFS, 2011
Lazy Bones (music video), DIRECTOR/PRODUCER/EDITOR, Picture Imperfect, 2012
Who Killed Summer, 3RD AD, Big Balls Film, 2011