Chelsea Gallagher


Chelsea is an art department enthusiast who joined LFS after completing a B.A. in Cinema Arts and Sciences at Columbia College Chicago. Her interest in design began with the creation of a haunted house at fifteen and has evolved over the years to include everything from rust effects to edible hands. Ultimately, she would like to return to London and get the opportunity to work and create in a city that absolutely stole her heart.   

Chelsea Gallagher

MA Filmmaking
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United States

Graduation film


In the Cylinder city, the citizens live following the dogma "a life of work for a life of consumption" and when they are not busy in a working shift, they rest connected to the main server, like machines in a factory. But one day, a hacker named White Rabbit starts offering a solution to the people, a freedom not for their bodies, but their souls.
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LFS Filmography

Honey, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Alexa, 13m 56s, LFS, 2017

Snapping, PRODUCER, LFS, 2016

Time, CINEMATOGRAPHER, 16mm, 2m 12s, LFS, 2016

Frame, CINEMATOGRAPHER, 16mm, 2m 12s, LFS, 2016

Panic, DIRECTOR, LFS, 2016

Collar Button, EDITOR, 16mm, 3m 3s, LFS, 2016