Joachim Rossel


Joachim Rossel was born in Paris in 1993. After studying business and cinema at La Sorbonne, he entered the MA Filmmaking at the London Film School, where he worked on several award-winning short films and webseries. "Contes du Baron" is his first feature.  Batul, UK / Syria, 2018, 12’, DCP - 1st AD Flare, China, 2018, 16’, DCP - 1st AD Minus Pink, UK, 2017, 12’, DCP - 1st AD, Co-writer, Editor Homesick, UK, 2017, 6x5’, Digital - Director (1 ep.) / DOP (2 ep.) Six feet under Pieta, UK, 2017, 14’, 35mm - DOP In : Transit, UK / France, 2017, 16’, DCP - AD Among the Flowers, UK, 2016, 4’, 16mm - Director Jean-Luc, France, 2014, 28’, Digital - Director, Writer, DOP

Joachim Rossel

MA Filmmaking
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Two lowlife gangsters waiting for a job to do. The young one, Checco, needs to pee. There, in the forest, he sees something... This short film is a section of the feature film Tales of the Baron.
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LFS Filmography

L'Urinateur, WRITER/DIRECTOR, HDCam, 11m 44s, LFS, 2018

Minus Pink, EDITOR, Alexa, 13m 40s, LFS, 2017

Six Feet Under Pieta, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, 35mm, 12m 30s, LFS, 2016

Engines of Passion (documentary), CINEMATOGRAPHER, HDV, 13m 38s, LFS, 2016

Conspicio, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, 16mm, 2m 20s, LFS, 2016

Among the Flowers, WRITER/DIRECTOR, 16mm, 3m 41s, LFS, 2016

The Black Rose, PRODUCDER, 4m 20s, LFS, 2015