LFS LIVE: Directing Commercials Bootcamp

Seasoned directors rarely share secrets, especially in a field as competitive as directing commercials.
If you're serious about a career in commercials and branded content, we've got you covered with this online workshop from award-winning director, Aasaf Ainapore.

WORKSHOP: Directing Commercials Bootcamp

Date: Friday 13th November 2020
Time: 10am-5pm 
Format: Workshop 
Cost: £150

This highly focused deep-dive is for broadcast professionals who want to direct commercials for a living. Learn from Aasaf Ainapore's 25 years of experience directing award-winning (Cannes Lions, D&AD) commercials for global brands including Samsung, Spotify, UNIQLO and Netflix. 
The course is 7 hours (two breaks) and will require participants to complete a homework assignment. There will also be a portion of the course dedicated to review of participant reels. You'll be required to submit your reel or body of work as a link for Aasaf to review in advance of the course.
What You'll Learn:
  • How to get signed by a production company
  • How to get a directing gig
  • How to write the treatment
  • Case studies from director's treatment to finished commercial
  • The lifecycle of an ad campaign for a filmmaker
  • The director’s responsibility on a gig
  • How to think like a commercials director
  • How to create a commercial from an agency script
  • SETIQUETTE: Agency & client protocol
  • Spec spots. Yes? No? The best way to make them
  • The lifecycle of an ad campaign for a filmmaker

This is an online workshop that will show you how to approach filmmaking for commercials and branded content as a career.

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