LFS LIVE: Story, Screenwriting & Voice

Story, Screenwriting & Voice

Date: TBC
Time: 11am-1pm (BST)
Format: Workshop
Cost: £75

Kate Leys is a script and story editor who has spent her entire life thinking about scripts, films and stories.  She doesn’t write, direct or produce, and she doesn’t do much of anything else either, she just does this one thing: works with screenwriters and filmmakers on the stories they tell.  This is the thing she knows about, and here is your chance to ask her anything you like.  What even is a story, anyway?  How does a script work?  How do you find a character?  What makes screenwriting different from other kinds of writing?  Are there any shortcuts?  What do you need to take with you when you set out to write a screenplay?  What is a writer’s voice, and how do you know if you have one? 

Or, literally, anything.


"I actually took in more in those 2 hours than I did at a Robert Mckee weekend course," Participant, 2020.

"Thanks for arranging such a wonderful session! I'm positively buzzing and really energized following Kate's wonderful talk," Participant, 2020.

"That was two hours of pure joy," Participant, 2020.

"She was so fantastic. So, so generous and humble too.  Lots to take away and think about," Participant, 2020.

"Way exceeded my expectation, the best class i have done in a long time," Participant, 2021.

"I personally thought the session was great! It actually shot way over my expectations," Participant, 2021.

"The discussion was phenomenal and clarified responsibilities and rewards of writing and teaching in ways that I had not considered in my own career. Ms. Leys' ability to not only address students' questions and concerns but to return them to her main points is genuinely impressive. She is effective, authentic, and kind," Participant, 2021.

"I would recommend this course to anyone interested in film and storytelling at any stage in their career," Participant, 2021

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