LFS LIVE: An Introduction to LayOut

An Introduction to LayOut

Date: Wednesday 10th June 2020
Time: 11am-1pm
Format: Workshop + Q & A
Cost: £30 (All fees go directly to supporting our network of amazing tutors).

SketchUp is a 3D modeling software that has become an industry standard in the art department. LayOut is a programme that can be used in conjunction with SketchUp in order to produce technical drawings. Using the two programmes together allows for a quick drawing to be done, as it uses the already completed model as a base. Compared with hand draughting, this method allows more versatility and flexibilty as drawings can be worked on at home or on location if needed and then emailed instantly over to whoever requires them. 
In this tutorial you will learn how to import a model from SketchUp into Layout, ready for the technical drawing. We will then show how LayOut can be used to work up that model into a plan and elevations that would be suitable for use within a production. 
This tutorial will focus on the process that needs to be done in SketchUp before the model is imported to LayOut, and will then outline the tools and options available in LayOut that will be needed while drawing. This will then give you the skills you will need to produce a complete drawing of a small set using SketchUp and LayOut. 
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