LFS LIVE: Editors, Directors & Screenplays

Editors, Directors & Screenplays

Adding value to the editing and directing process, by evaluating screenplays effectively and developing creative strategies in narrative development.

Dates: Wed 19th Aug / Fri 21st Aug / Wed 26th Aug
Time: 11am
Format: Workshop
Cost: £50/session

As an off-line editor or director, you are in a unique and privileged position, one that is able to build a strong dynamic and creative relationship with a director if you are the editor, or with a script writer if you are directing. It will be through this one-to-one connection that you will be able to drive a film project to its conclusion, articulating a concept, the ideas behind the story, the lives of its characters and ultimately, play an invaluable role in helping shape audiences’ perception of its narrative. To master an understanding of what the screenplay aims to achieve and to be able to break it down to its component parts is an invaluable skill that will stay with you for the rest of your professional life, one which will provide opportunities to strengthen the impact and poetic meaning of a script when translated onto the screen. This series of workshops, created and developed by editor Antonio Ribeiro, will provide you with tools to: define and improve the pace of a script, shorten or lengthen and reorder scenes, identify metaphors essential for visual storytelling, polish actors performances and script-edit their dialogue, and influence sound design and music.

In three online workshops you will learn how to:

  • Break a screenplay down to its component parts
  • Write an Editor’s Script Report (ESR), providing recommendations on pace, characters' strengths/weaknesses, plot and sub-plot lines, etc.
  • Distill relevant information from the script, helping you approach a given cut, whether fiction, documentary or a hybrid format, to defining a genre, sub-genre, etc
  • Identify and strengthen sub-text
  • Identify and place static and dynamic visual metaphors
  • Cut dialogue and provide tools to improve on actors’ delivery/ timing
  • Cut action effectively

When you book, you will receive a link to a zip file to download which will contain:

  • Premiere Pro Project template, with organised and labeled folders
  • The original screenplay of 93 Days (currently on Netflix)
  • Sample ESR (Written for this feature film, currently on Netflix, starring Danny Glover.
  • A mock ESR, with aspects you should consider when evaluating a screenplay.
  • Relevant extracts and PP presentations covering some of the topics of the proposed workshops.
  • Sample scenes from a number of films, which illustrate aspects discussed in Workshop 1.
  • Password protected link to view ‘Europa, Based on a True Story’, IDFA official selection.

If you don’t already have a copy of Premiere Pro or other professional editing software, you can download a trial version of Adobe Premiere Pro here – please do so a few days before the workshop so that, if you are unfamiliar with it, you will have time to learn the basics. There is no time during the actual workshop to discuss individual issues with your software and/or computer. Editing is a craft and like all crafts relies on your ability to develop your skills through practice. However if you don’t have Premiere Pro installed on your laptop or desktop, you will still be able to participate in all discussions revolving around script analysis and discussion of other work presented by students/participants.

Date & Time: Wednesday 19th August 2020 / 11am-2pm (includes a 20m break)

Foundations of the screenplay’s building blocks (genre, classic 3 & 5 act structure, plot, story, theme, characterisation, subtext, use of dynamic and static metaphors, etc) Sample scenes of films will be used to illustrate some of the aspects featured on workshop 1, including from directors Claire Denis, Elia Suleimain, Léonor Serraile, Peter Greenaway, Andrea Arnold.
Homework: Watch the feature film 93 Days, currently on Netflix. 
*This workshop can be booked as an individual session

Date & Time: Friday 21st August 2020 / 11am-1pm

Presentation of the trailers for ‘No Vacancies’ by Wyndham Price and for ‘Love is Thicker than Water’ by Emily Harris and Ate de Jong. Sample scenes focusing on contrasting editing styles will be presented, followed by a discussion detailing how these were approached. Overview of editing software, tricks and tips used, for faster and more efficient use of the software. Presentation on working on the hybrid feature film ‘Europa, Based on a True Story’, which opened at IDFA in 2019.
Homework: Edit sample scenes and write a summary outlining your approach. (NB: After scenes are edited and uploaded onto LFS’ Vimeo Pro, your work will be reviewed and feedback given, through Vimeo’s review tools, along with any additional suggestions.) 

Date & Time: Wednesday 26th August 2020 / 11am-1pm

Viewing of student scenes and discussion of chosen approaches.

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