Crossplatform Storytelling, Development & Production

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Crossplatform Storytelling, Development & Production

Date: (awaiting dates)

Duration: 2 days (weekend)
Times: 10.30am-5pm
Capacity: Max. 10 participants
Fee: £250 

Are you a Writer, Producer or Director working in television, film, advertising or gaming? Are you keen to connect with audiences? Do you want to take your work to the next level, whilst identifying fresh approaches to distribution and rollout?

This 2-day workshop is led by internationally renowned story, crossmedia consultant Alison Norrington (BOOTH AT THE END, THE CHATSFIELD, THE LOEDOWN, Walt Disney Imagineering, Coca Cola). Its aim is to introduce you to the exciting possibilities that a digital strategy and experience design could bring to your projects.

Bring along a 1-2 page treatment that you're currently working on (if you have one, it's not compulsory), and over two days Alison will guide you through:

  • The fundamentals of story, and why they’re more important now in an age where storytelling is becoming increasingly sophisticated.
  • How to expand your storyline over timelines, territories and audiences.
  • How to engage audiences through combining story and gameplay.
  • How to take advantage of evolving and emerging opportunities with upcoming Multi Channel Networks, taking case studies and business models from Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu.
  • How to prove your concept, create pre-awareness campaigns and work with your audience to convert them into collaborators.
  • Ideas for retaining ownership of your work whilst identifying additional revenue streams.

Featuring practical, hands-on exercises, the weekend is loaded with real case studies from film and TV, including Warner Bros THE DARK KNIGHT, HOUSE OF CARDS, MAD MEN, BREAKING BAD, A.I, HUNGER GAMES, LOST, DR WHO, STAR WARS and HARRY POTTER.

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Why crossplatform? 

So what is transmedia storytelling? And why is it important?

Behaviours around shows such as DOCTOR WHO, MISFITS and LOST have proven that audiences have a fundamental desire to be in sync with each other. HOUSE OF CARDS, BREAKING BAD and TRANSPARENT - these are all examples of shows that have allowed networks, studios and filmmakers to witness the emergence of new kinds of audience behaviour, both on and offline – binge viewing, pledge viewing, reality show event-style shows, amongst others.There is a clear hunger for long-term serialized content; content that creates a deep sense of immersion and serves audiences hungry for a relationship with a story and its characters.

Transmedia was born from an approach to telling stories in the digital age, across a strategic series of platforms with each platform adding a fresh dimension to the story and not simply repurposed content. It’s an effective way to engage audiences into a narrative, but when coupled with serialized storytelling, proves to be an extremely effective means to creating an immersive experience. This works for film in a different way than it does for television, requiring a ‘runway’ or pre-awareness that engages audiences in advance and a consideration of what to do with an engaged community once the credits are rolling!

There is a strong evolution of dialogue between storytellers and audiences and it is critical for studios, broadcasters, networks, publishers and game developers to have writers and producers that are educated in crossplatform narratives and interactive storytelling. Studios, networks and broadcasters know that audiences are responsive to narratives that weave an experience and truly put them in a character's shoes. The fundamentals of storytelling remain unchanged, however this is a fresh approach to storytelling when viewed with a keen eye to audience, genre, pacing and platforms.

Batman Why So Serious


Day One

Thematic storytelling

  • The importance of fundamentals of thematic storytelling.
  • How to create experience design around your theme.
  • Exploration of themes in blockbuster storyworlds.
  • Fundamentals of story & core concepts.

Creating Epic storyworlds

  • Building a Storyworld.
  • Genre influences.
  • Character-centric storytelling.

Day Two

Audiences and experience design

  • Audience behaviours and fans.
  • Story as play.
  • Points of entry, immersion & interaction.
  • Approaching story like a game developer.
  • User-generated content.

Platforms, rollout & distribution

  • Execution strategies.
  • Rollout strategies, pacing and timing.
  • Identifying partners and sponsors.


"Thank you for the amazing opportunity to engage with ideas, story and commerce. Great to get to see how you are able create such productive environments that allow for a diversity of voices and visions. I felt very fortunate to be involved.”
Loretta Todd, Director, Producer, Writer - storycentralLABS with SundanceTV – 2014

"Attending this event was an absolute pleasure. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised at every step... I learned so much in such a short amount of time.”
Bella Sie - storycentralLABS with SundanceTV - 2014

Tutor profile: Alison Norrington, Writer/Producer

Alison Norrington is a writer/producer, CEO, Founder & Chief Creative Director of storycentral, a London-based entertainment studio that incubates and develops ground-breaking transmedia properties with global partners in film, television, publishing and gaming.

Alison and her team are working with filmmakers, writers, publishers, broadcasters, storytellers and technology start ups globally on incubating new franchises, participative experiences, production, story architecture, mythology and planning, prototyping, audience development & engagement and utilizing social media.

Alison is a best-selling novelist, playwright and screenwriter with a Masters Degree in Creative Writing & New Media and a PhD researcher. Over her 20-year career she has worked with and consulted to AMC, SundanceTV, Walt Disney Imagineering, FOX International, Harlequin Mills & Boon, McCann, Coca Cola, F&W Media, Eurovision Broadcasting Union, Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre, First Hand Films. She is currently writing and producing a web-series with LA partners and working with emerging film-makers in Sweden.

Alison is writer and producer of webseries THE LOEDOWN, author of 3 bestselling novels – CLASS ACT, LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP and THREE OF A KIND and creator of the first transmedia romcom STAYING SINGLE.  She has also written plays A FISH & A BONSAI and PISTOLS AT DAWN.

Alison is the European Academy (EBU) Eurovision Transmedia Masterclass trainer and runs workshops, training programs and labs worldwide. She is a judge for a series of global media festivals including Banff World Media Festival, Canada Media Fund, Publishing Innovation Awards and Independent Production Fund (Canada) and Digital Emmy Awards.

Alison was Conference Chair for StoryWorld Conference & Expo in Los Angeles, is a TEDx speaker and has presented at a number of conferences including Digital Book World, London Book Fair, Asia Media Summit, Eurovision TV Summit, London Screenwriters Festival and Story Expo LA, tapping her expertise in building transmedia properties and digital content for commercial and niche audiences.

She is featured on the BAFTA Guru series and is a member of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, The Writers Guild of Great Britain, Women in Film & TV and the Romantic Novelists Association.